Welcome to the Obol Network, where we will discuss and collaborate on all things related to distributed validator technology, PoS infrastructure, and more!

Before diving in, please carefully read, fully understand, and always follow the following Code of Conduct for the Obol Network. These rules apply to all community spaces under the Obol Network or Obol Labs name, such as Discourse, Discord, and any other mediums of interaction. By participating in the Obol Network, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.

The Obol Network is an open and welcoming place to investigate, discuss, and collaborate on new ideas.

We expect everyone in our community spaces to be treated with the utmost respect. Any type of harassment will NOT be tolerated.

Code of Conduct

The Obol Network will take all measures to ensure a welcoming and collaborative community environment of respect, empathy, compassion and transparency.

Members in any capacity will follow the guidelines listed below, which determine the consequences for any action which is deemed in violation of the Code of Conduct.

Some mistakes are expected, and can be fixed with corrective action. However, mistakes that scam, disrespects, or attacks other members are non-acceptable will lead to serious action, up to and including a permanent ban from the Obol Network community.

1. Treat everyone with respect

The following behaviors are serious violations of the Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated:

  • Discrimination against any person based on geographic, ethnic, sexual, religious, or other identifying characteristics.
  • The use of sexualized language or images and unwanted sexual attention or advances.
  • Public or private harassment (cyber bullying, revealing personal information or location aka doxxing, false accusations).

Obol Network members also must not:

  • Make personal attacks on the opinions, research, or ideas of other Obol Network members.
  • Be aggressive or rude to another Obol Network member.
  • Send spam messages or repeated questions within the forum.
  • Ask others to send money, tokens, or any other type of solicitation.

2. Practice our values

These four values set the foundation for the Obol Network. Please practice the values of the Obol Network as you engage with other members:

  • We are reliable: Members should be reliable by presenting ideas and providing constructive feedback backed by well-researched, high-quality arguments.
  • We are secure: Members should lead with kindness, patience, and civility, especially when having hard conversations, to ensure that every member feels secure when engaging in the community.
  • We are synergistic: Members should look to collaborate and add value to others. We look to increase the pie, not split the pie. Only together can be build the best foundation for the future of web3.
  • We are innovative: Present new ideas. Add on to what others are saying. Have a positive impact.

Change Process

The Code of Conduct will be updated over time as the Obol Network evolves. All changes will be documented and communicated through the appropriate community spaces.


Any violation that rises to the level of a serious violation will result in a permanent ban from all Obol Network community spaces. Violations of all other items in the Code of Conduct will receive a warning from Obol Labs. After two warnings, you will receive a suspension for 2 months. If you continue not abiding by the above rules, you will be permanently removed from all Obol Network community spaces.